Jealousy And The Matrix In Shakespeare's Othello And Matrix

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They have a lot of common jealousy movie like the matrix where Morpheus had Neo and Agent Smith wanted Neo. Agent Smith wanted Neo every opportunity he had he would tell Neo Morpheus was bad. While in Shakespeare Othello play they had a lot of jealousy moments mainly about Othello and Desdemona. There will be people who will go out of their way to break up someone or make someone leave. Othello and Matrix teaches us that jealousy is toxic makes a person want to destroy something precious.
Othello had a talk with Desdemona about cheating and knowing she been doing. Othello says, “By heaven, I saw my handkerchief in’s hand! O perjured woman! Thou dust stone my heart. And makst me call what I intend to do a murder, which I thought a sacrifice I saw the handkerchief” (Othello IV. ii. 62-66). Othello is angry at losing desdemona, he found out that her handkerchief was were it wasn’t suppose to be at.
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Jealousy been around for a long time and it does no good to people, the environment and the innocent by standards. They will have people that will walk into your life and try to run something good for you. Iago was Othello friend, he trick Othello into getting jealous and killing his wife. Agent Smith talked about Morpheus to Neo trying to not make the bad decision. Movies no in the 21st century is not so different than the 1500s. Othello let Iago get into his head about Desdemona cheating on him and Othello listen to what he said but, didn’t ask his wife it was true. In the Matrix, Neo got a call from Trinity telling him they had some people looking for him. When Agent Smith got to Neo and tried to make him talk to hear their side of how they operate and Neo still didn’t want to go with Agent Smith and they tried to kill Neo and everyone else who was with the Matrix. Othello and Matrix shows us that jealousy can make a person do something

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