Jealousy In All Summer In A Day By Margot

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In the short story All Summer in a Day, it shows how Jealousy is a very harsh thing that can make you do things you’ll regret. First of all don’t be mean or ignore other people. Because kids in this story are very rude to an unusual girl named Margot. Another theme besides jealousy is, curiosity. Curiosity supports how the kids didn 't know what the sun was, or if it was real. But the main theme is jealousy, because the kids got mad at her because she was the only one who had seen the sun. Jealousy is a very bad thing that can make you do things you 'll regret.
In the story they live on mars, all the kids besides Margot were there at age two. Margot was four. Which meant she was the unusual one out, that all the kids didn 't like. During
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People will argue that the theme of this story is not jealousy, but is curiosity. They think this because, all the kids in the story are curious if the sun is real or not, because they haven 't seen it since they were two, and at that age you don’t remember anything. But I think curiosity and jealousy go hand and hand, because curiosity can lead to jealousy. Because in this story the kids get so curious about the sun that they get jealous of Margot. That is why curiosity could be another theme of this short story.
But jealousy is a better theme for this story. Because the kids pushed her around and bullied her, because the sun wasn 't out when it was supposed to be. They also locked her in a closet so that she couldn’t witness the sun, if it came out. The sun was the only thing that Margot ever liked and the kids stopped her from seeing it. Jealousy can make you do very bad things you 'll regret.
Jealousy is horrible, don’t fall into its evil trap. Don’t ignore people like the kids did to Margot. They didn’t talk to her and made her lonely. There are many themes of the book. Including curiosity and jealousy, but I believe jealousy is the best one. Because they were so jealous that they Stopped the one thing Margot loved, and it was like torture for her. That’s all she liked. During class whenever they sang about the sun she would be happy and would join in. That is why jealousy is the best theme for this book and it is a very
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