Jealousy In All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury

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In the short story All Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury teaches us that jealousy can lead us to do evil things. Throughout the whole story, there are many times jealousy is expressed. Teasing and full on bullying are just some of the examples. But, many individuals argue that empathy is a more main theme of the story. There is some evidence that suggests this however, there is more evidence supporting jealousy through the whole story. That is why the most obvious theme is jealousy can lead you to do evil things.

There are many examples in the story that support the theme. First of all, as Margot tells about the sun coming to Venus that day, the other kids think it would be a great idea to throw her in a closet. When the sun actually came out they left her in the closet and she missed seeing the sun. This shows how jealous they were that she remembered the sun and they didn’t so, they were willing to take this once every seven year chance from her that she desperately needed. Another example is when Margot was telling her sun poem to the class, they told her she was lying and teased her.
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As an example, throughout the whole story the class teased her for remembering the sun and believing it would come again. This further proves that the kids were very jealous that she remembered the sun. Lastly, the fact that she remembered the sun was a crime to the other students. This evidence shows how jealousy is the most major theme.

To conclude, the most major theme in the short story, All Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury teaches you how jealousy can lead you to do awful things. Main events throughout the story shows how the students jealousy impacts their actions. Many people could argue that empathy is the most major theme in the story, but there are more events supporting jealousy. All this evidence helps confirm the theme jealousy can make you do awful
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