Jealousy In East Of Eden

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Once upon a time, there were a set of twins born into a corrupt household. One of the twins was secretly jealous of the other, which resulted him taking his own brother’s life. This tragedy occurs in the novel, East of Eden, written by John Steinbeck. East of Eden is about several families being brought together and having love-hate relationships. The characters in the novel are separated into two different name groups, C and A. The “C” represents the antagonists, while “A” represents the protagonists. One of the families is known as the Trasks, and they have a complex relationship with each other. Aaron and Caleb are the sons of Adam Trask and the three are trapped in a triangular relationship where one is always hurt. Cal is torn between good and evil. The young Trask is motivated by his virtue, a craving for Adam’s affection, and the jealousy he has towards Aron. Cal is motivated by his…show more content…
The day before the Thanksgiving, Cal prepares $15,000 for his father, but on the same day, Aron tells Lee that he needs to talk to Adam about something. After hearing what Aron had said, he knew that the day would no longer be his. Cal responds to Aron by saying to himself, “It’s just jealousy. I’m jealous. That’s what I am. I’m jealous. I don’t want to be jealous” (538). Cal does not choose to be jealous, but it has always been that way. The jealousy Cal has towards his brother blinds him from seeing any good in himself. Therefore, it leads Cal into hurting Aron by showing him to their mother. Cal’s jealousy leads him to sacrifice his brother’s perfect image of their mother to cure his emotional wound. Furthermore, the twins went out hunting one day and Aron shoots a rabbit, but Cal claims that he shot it, and that they should both earn credit for it. The rabbit was clearly shot by Aron, but Caleb’s jealousy led him to say rather. Cal’s jealousy keeps him motivated by constantly wanting to be a better person than
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