All Summer In A Day Theme Essay

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Jealousy is a very powerful force that can change people and cause them to hurt others. This human emotion is used in both the short story “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury and the song “Jealous Guy” by John Lennon. Bradbury 's story is about a group of nine year olds who live on Venus, where it never stops raining except very briefly every seven years. None of the children could remember the sun, except for one girl, Margot. The others were all jealous of her due to this, and they inflict harm on her verbally and physically. Lennon’s song describes the problems a man caused in his relationship when he became overprotective of his wife out of jealousy. In both “All Summer in a Day” and “Jealous Guy”, it is portrayed that jealousy can cause…show more content…
The theme of “All Summer in a Day” is shown as Margot was hated by the others because they were jealous of her. They even consider her memory a felony and despise of her because of her future. This is shown at one point in the story where the other children’s feelings are clearly described. “The biggest crime of all was that… she remembered the sun… so, the children hated her… and her possible future” (Bradbury, 2). They felt that she had better opportunities awaiting her in the future and they took that as a reason to cause her harm. However, in “Jealous Guy”, the main character unintentionally hurts his wife because he loves her so much and was afraid to lose her. Lennon sings, “I began to lose control… You might not love me anymore… I 'm sorry that I made you cry… I didn 't want to hurt you”. He was subsequently regretful of what he had done and never intended for anything of the sort to occur. These two texts show that jealousy can hurt people, even when the individual believes it would be beneficial. The other children purposely hurt Margot because they did not understand her pain accurately, but the character in the song did not have any intention of harming his loved one. He thought he was doing as he was for favorable
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