Jealousy In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Jealously, like how it is shown in the video, is evident within Crooks. Although it is not blatantly said that Crooks is jealous, we can assume he is from his words and actions. For example, on page 68, Crooks goes on to say that he isn’t allowed in the bunkhouse since he is black, then later on, on page 74, he goes on about how, someone can go crazy if they have no one to talk to, and that too much loneliness will make you sick. From these two examples, we can see that Crook’s is jealous of the other farm workers and on a more specific level, George and Lennie. He is jealous because they have someone to talk to, and although he has many possessions, none of them can fill his void of loneliness. Crooks’ jealousy is a result of racial discrimination.
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