Jealousy In Othello Essay

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The “green eyed monster” or jealousy has not changed much during William Shakespeare’s era to now. It is still defined as an “emotional attitude primarily directed by an individual toward someone perceived as a rival for the affections of a loved one or for something one desires, such as a job, promotion, or award.” (White). The main character that shows jealousy in The Tragedy of Othello is Iago, who involved in creating lies and implementing misleading situations, because of Othello's military rank as the General of the Venetian Army and Iago is ranked two levels below him. In Shakespeare's The Tragedy of Othello, Iago is a man covered by jealousy, with a goal for everyone to become as jealous and angry as he is by manipulating the characters, like Roderigo and Othello. Iago has a very good sense of word choice, by misleading them and getting the reaction he wants out of them.The Early Modern Literary Studies, in their article "Where Iago Lies: Home, honesty and the…show more content…
Iago so desperately wants Othello to become jealous, and he to start his envy and rage by creating lies of Desdemona being unfaithful. The chance comes when Iago see Cassio and Desdemona together. He makes comments of the two’s intentions, which actually causes Othello to wonder about what Cassio and Desdemona’s intentions actually are. When further questioned by Othello, Iago does not elaborate, which causes Othello to become even more suspicious. “Ha, I like that not” mumbles Cassio. Othello asks, “What dost thou say?” Iago answers, “Nothing, my lord” (III. iii. 34-40). Iago and Othello’s conversation about Cassio and Desdemona also proves demonstrates Iago’s manipulation. To Iago’s happiness, he has changed Othello’s perception of Cassio really quick with one story. Also, Iago also makes Othello desiring to know more about whether Iago is right in his observations of Desdemona’s

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