Jealousy In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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Ray Bradbury 's short story, All Summer in A Day, is about the power of jealousy and demonstrates if jealousy is not controlled, it will lead to regretful actions upon yourself. Jealousy is a key topic in the story, and in my opinion, is the main topic of the story. Although, there are other key topics in the story. All Summer in A Day is about a group of kids, who all their lives have been living in a world, Venus, with no sun and the constant sound of rain. Then there is Margot. Margot knows what it is like to have the sun shining down on her skin, she knows what it is like to feel the warm embrace of the sky. For the first time in seven years the sun is going to come out and everybody is extremely anxious and excited. The other kids are jealous of Margot and her experiences, which leads to the other kids taking jealous actions upon Margot. There are many examples of jealousy in All Summer in A Day, and each of them prove to be pivotal events in the story. Margot wrote a poem in class about the sun and all the other kids denied the fact that…show more content…
There are many examples of jealousy in All Summer in a Day, but this event is perhaps the biggest and most important to the story. Going back to the last paragraph, I wrote about the scene where the kids locked Margot in the closet, and I described that scene as an act of betrayal. Even though that scene is an act of betrayal, I think the scene is also an act of jealousy. If the kids were not jealous of Margot, they would have never locked her in the closet. If the kids had decided to just be jealous and not take action, Margot would have still gotten to see the sun. After the kids locked Margot in the closet the kids got to go outside and enjoy the sun, they remembered about Margot. The rain had started up again, all the kids were gloomy and sad. But there was an incredible amount of regret and guilt filling up the kids. If the kids had never decided to take action, they would have never had to deal with the guilt and
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