Jealousy Quotes In Beowulf

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LAI: “...So massive no ordinary man could lift its carved and decorated length. He drew it from its scabbard, broke the chain on its hilt, and then, savage, now, angry and desperate, lifted it high over his head and struck with all the strength he had left, caught her in the neck and cut it through, broke bones and all….” Pg72. With ancient understandings and tales in the early times, Beowulf sings of times long forgotten, the times where the only tombs men sought was the battlefield, and their legacies, glory from the most extraordinary of feats. Eras filled with monsters, demons and selfless devotion towards the Glory of God. Even the flamboyant stories from the early centuries, still ring with connections to our world today, that our…show more content…
This particular quote not only describes the atmosphere of Beowulf’s story, but also of the time in which Beowulf crafted. Misery and sorrow frequently filled the days of Beowulf’s time, as monsters and demons of all kinds hunted the terrified people for feeding purposes, as unannounced rulers, subduing the people from the shadows, killing whenever they wanted. Their malice was unmatched, and bloodshed was inevitable when demons such as Grendel had almost no one to stop them. The people began to lack protection as the demons targeted weary or drunken soldiers, tired with a day's agenda, and while they were sleeping, the monsters made a mess of the militants bones and flesh, and dined on their meat, while saving some for later. Hell-spawn of that time often gorged themselves to the brim, gleefully walking away from their victims carcass with a full stomach. Turmoil such as this was constant in Beowulf’s…show more content…
Beloved Beowulf…” Pg81, King Hrothgar to Beowulf These two quotes are essential to the story of Beowulf, as it describes Beowulf’s sincere character, his valor and loyalty to those he meets. The quotes above carry themselves throughout the story, as our protagonist proves again and again that his good nature, and incorruptible character is faithful to the end. Beowulf retained that personality, while still remaining a noble warrior in the battlefield, slaying hundreds upon hundreds of those who threaten his homeland. And when the dragon awoke from his slumber among riches, and terrorized people of Beowulf’s land with torrents of dragon fire, Beowulf took it upon himself to end the dragon where it stood, instead of having further

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