Jealousy: Racine's Epilogue To Roxie

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Hurt by how Roxie had turned on her and had even been watching her have sex with her man in her own home, was the ultimate betrayal to Racine. Assuming jealousy had always been Roxie’s problem this reality had not been lost on Racine. She allowed this talkative bitch to free her damn mind. Roxie spoke to Racine with her arms crossed about her chest. To Racine it appeared that this bitch really thought she had her this time. Her rants presented to Racine in the forms of desperate whispers. Nothing this bitch said to her tonight resonated because Racine had arranged for this bitch to die. “You ain’t all that Racine. You think because you’re light-skinned with green eyes you rule the fucking world. Look at you? Tonight a bitch is dressed down in a white jogging suit?” Roxie said, sucking her new ve-neers. “For the first time I am not afraid of you Racine,” Roxie proclaimed. Racine knew the bitch was high because…show more content…
I have to go soon bitch. I got Brothers lined across the wall for me tonight at the club,” Roxie said, as she missed the love that Racine had in her eyes for Roxie. Dressed in a bad leather pantsuit draped with cheap Diamonds and Louis Vuitton this and that – Racine had to admit this bitch looked better than she had ever looked, save the bad weave. Too bad it was going to be the last look this bitch ever wore in life. After dinner Racine knew out of the horse’s mouth that Roxie was going to snitch in court tomorrow. Now, Racine paid the bill and then she slowly walked Roxie out of the booming restaurant atmos-phere to her car. In the next 10 minutes Roxie and Racine received their cars together. Both ladies drove their expensive black Mercedes down Market street to the 110 freeway with Racine driving closely behind Roxie. Soon - Racine, was speeding wanting to get caught while she was dialing her B-plan to Ra-heem’s cousin ALI via text. She had to let her staff know to kill Roxie. Her plan to snitch tomorrow was now

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