Jean Boaudillard's Theory Of Jean Baaudrillard Theory

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Jean Baudrillard was a philosopher, sociologist, cultural critic, and theorist of postmodernity, who challenged all existing theories of contemporary society with humor and precision. Simulacra and simulation is a philosophical treatise by Jean Baudrillard seeking to examine the relationships among reality, symbols, and society. The importance in baudrillard theory, which I was excited to write about, is that all what he stated in simulation, occupies a big space in our daily life. And after publishing his books, people started to realize that his beliefs and writing was the “deterrence machine”. He wants us to know that the real is no longer real, and illusion no longer impossible, and to think two times after we receive any image, because…show more content…
These terms refer to the virtual of our culture in the period of mass consumption. According to what baudrillard said we are living in a manipulated space, which we have lost the capacity to comprehend reality as it really exist. The real is not only what can be reproduced, but that which is always already reproduced; that is the hyper real which is entirely is simulation. He divides the development of simulacra object into four phases that has subsequently progresses through the development of history. Baudrillard thought to the extreme limits and ask what if our world being built on simulations? Disney Land presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest is real. This false reality creates an illusion and makes it more desirable for people to buy this reality. Disney land works in a system that enables visitors to feel that technology and created atmosphere can give us more reality that nature can. The fake nature of Disney Land satisfies our imagination and daydream fantasies in real life. Therefore, they seem more admirable and attractive. Jean baudrillard believes that Los Angeles is not real thus it is hyper real. It is meant to be an infantile world in order to make us believe that the adults are elsewhere, in the real world, and to conceal the fact that the real childishness is everywhere, especially among those adults who go there to act as a child in order to foster illusions of their real childishness. The moment you enter you will live the story and you will accept the simulation because it brings happiness and exciting, and you will forget the real life for few hours with your all senses and will, and we know that at the end, there is a moment we will leave and return home, but we need to live this simulation. That’s why baudrillard’s thought occupied a notable and distinguishable position in contemporaneity human thought system, and he differs from

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