Passionate Plea For Unity Essay

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Jean Chrétien: Passionate Plea For Unity
Chrétien’s speech is mainly targeted towards Quebecers wishing to separate from our country. This speech took place prior to the referendum regarding the issue of whether or not Quebec should proclaim its individual sovereignty. Chrétien also recognizes Quebec as a “distinct society” whilst specifying Quebec’s unique language and culture which makes it an admirable community. To bring this all together, Chrétien stresses the beauty in Canadian diversity, generosity, tolerance and respect which is idolized by other foreigners. I appreciated how Chrétien identified and acknowledged Quebecers cries for change and even says that he knows the separatist party will guarantee exactly that. This brings an essence
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You don’t want to be foreigners in your own land...using a different Canadian dollar and passport. Don’t give up the privilege of being called a Canadian as you’ll be loosing all the advantages that come with it.
The theme of unity: Chrétien always refers to himself with and alongside his citizens. On top of this, Chrétien thoroughly highlights the importance of unification and continuously welcomes Quebecers into his speech by using inclusive language such as we, us, our fellow quebecers.
The theme of doubt: “Are you ready” Can you really handle living as an individual nation with your own currency, language, society and economy? Will you survive?
Attacks the opponent, not the opponent 's specific ideas and/or weaknesses in their ideas; Chrétien never specifies how his strategy would outrule other methods. He continuously says the separatist party is trying to fool the citizens, this statement is vague and he never goes in detail thus has nothing to support and justify this
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