Jean Dominique Bauby's The Diving Bell And The Butterfly

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A mere fraction of a second. This narrow duration of time suffices to awaken the mind with inspiration and thought; This precise frame of time has the ability to set ablaze an intricate network of neurons within the depths of the human brain.

With such an immediacy of ideas, how much thought can writers place behind the construction of every word, the placement of each syllable? Although this level of awareness may appear implausible, certain authors have managed to attain such incredible mastery and control over the art of writing. A prime example is Jean Dominique Bauby, a former editor of “Elle” magazine who owed his meticulous dedication to his words to circumstance. After suffering from a massive stroke that left him entirely speechless and paralyzed, Bauby found that the only things he could control were his mind and his left eyelid. Despite the tremendous barriers this presented, Bauby still wrote a memoir, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, by blinking his left eye each time his assistant read the correct letter aloud within the entire alphabet. As a result of this painstaking process, Bauby had to plan each of his words with the greatest care and precision. His unique situation make down slow down his thought process and contemplate every decision in his writing.
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Like many other writers, I often find myself guilty of including the occasional redundancies in my writing; however, Bauby’s writing has taught me that power exists in brevity. Often the most crucial ideas are the simplest, and as writers, we must learn to slow the stream of our thoughts to achieve such impactful
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