The Maids Production Proposal Jean Genet Analysis

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BA (Hon) in Theatre Arts (Production) Jean Genet - The Maids Production Proposal Synopsis When their Mistress is away, her 2 maids would start their role-play in her bedroom. Claire would role-play as the cruel mistress and her older sister, Solange, would role-play as the Claire and herself. Their role-play would always start with Claire being dominant at first but it would end with Solange being the dominant one. Their role-play would end with Solange killing the mistress, however they never had enough time to finish their role-play as their Mistress would be returning home. They plotted to destroy the mistress so that they would be free from the hierarchy system but it did not go according to their role-play. Interpretation of the play…show more content…
She has an inferiority complex and loath herself. However being the masochist that she is, she takes pleasure from being insulted by her sister who is acting as the Mistress(When Claire was insulting her, She replied “I’m starting. I’m starting to fly” Because those insults would heighten the fantasy of revenge for the mistress to be even sweeter. However in real life, her sadistic nature was curb as she could not kill the mistress just as they planned. When all of their plan failed (to poison the mistress) She escapes her reality by imagining herself as a great criminal, because by being a criminal she can be free from servitude. Claire Age: Mid 20s She is the younger sister. She is more truthful in her hatred of being poor and being in the position of a servant. Thus she lives her life fantasizing herself as being the mistress. She hates Solange because she reminded her of their position, of their reality. Though she is the favoured one between the 2 sisters, she is more venomous in her hatred for her Mistress as she really tried her best to make the mistress drink the poison tea. At the end of the play, she wanted to die as the mistress so she can die free in her fantasy world and can break her sister out from servitude by making her a criminal. The Mistress Age: Late…show more content…
Her husband was sent to prison due to Claire’s letters to the police. She lived a sheltered life, protected by her husband and her maids, thus she does not have much skills of her own. She is dependent on her husband as she said she felt vulnerable without him. She also fantasize an independent life of being a criminal together with her husband, supporting him. She is overly dramatic in her words is willing to part with her belonging because it makes her feel good. She gave Claire the red dress and Solange her fur coat, which she took back the moment she found out her husband was out of jail. She favours Claire more and believe she should have “been more than just a servant.” And is harsh on them when she feels like it, like when she lashed out because she feels that Solange took a little long to get a
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