Jean Genet: The Maids Production Proposal

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BA (Hon) in Theatre Arts (Production) Jean Genet - The Maids Production Proposal Synopsis When their Mistress is away, her 2 maids would start their role-play in her bedroom. Claire would role-play as the cruel mistress and her older sister, Solange, would role-play as the Claire and herself. Their role-play would always start with Claire being dominant at first but it would end with Solange being the dominant one. Their role-play would end with Solange killing the mistress, however they never had enough time to finish their role-play as their Mistress would be returning home. They plotted to destroy the mistress so that they would be free from the hierarchy system but it did not go according to their role-play. Interpretation of the play The sisters/maids are at the bottom of the status hierarchy, where they would have to live at the beck and call of their Mistress. Though they live in the same beautiful house, they do not enjoy the same privilege. The sisters/maids are only able to tread freely in the kitchen and the attic, which is describe as bare, dirty and unpleasant, unlike the other luxurious furniture’s in other rooms. Yet that place is their only haven, where they do not have to work. Though they are part of the mistress life, being able to touch the mistress jewelleries and dress, they would never be able to wear them as they are not part of the mistress family. Everything they have belongs to the mistress and that includes the black dress that they wore

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