Jean-Jacques Rousseau's Lord Of The Flies

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The Lord of the Flies is an interesting novel that shows just how odd human nature can be when isolated from society. Society has been around for millenniums and is has to be the greatest impact on human nature and emotion. In the Lord of the Flies, young boys who have barely been influenced by society are stranded on an island. This book truly shows how human emotion fluctuates frequently and influences dictate the actions of human nature. I agree with the idea that Jean-Jacques Rousseau has proposed, that humans are ruined by society and in their own ominous nature they are free and equal. He also believes savagery does not have a class or a specific sign as very wealthy individuals can also be savages. Jean speaks on other things such as…show more content…
He became famous in 1750 for his famous work Discourse on the Arts and Sciences. When he released this masterpiece, which is a scientific research paper that won many awards. He decided to enter more essay contests to test his abilities and educate people. .Although many of his later works won no awards, one called Discourse on the Origin of Inequality Among Men, was arguably his best writing piece. The main reason Jean did not win an award was because it was annoyingly long and the judges did not read it all. However, his first piece was the most successful. In the essay contest, a question was asked related to science and the enlightenment era. The question was, “Has the restoration of the sciences and arts tended to purify souls?” Jean wrote based on the simple answer no. He mainly described many historical societies that had a great science or art advance and how later that empire fell, therefore showing that art and science did not necessarily make pure souls, but rather made them later disheartened and later fail, such as ancient Greece and Egypt. Rousseau also stated how sciences were “a waste of time” as the world would stay the same whether science was proved right or not. He also said that it took time from valuable things, such as love a country, relationships, and helping out the less fortunate. Jean argues that science also fails to make people better citizens, and does in no way, shape, or form help people live more moral lives. He also states that people who find scientific evidence are rewarded more than people who do good things that benefit society, such as military victories or charity. He says these things that science drains cause societies and empires to ultimately crumble. Even though his attacks on science seemed harsh, he was highly praised and won the essay contest. It wasn’t until his second disclosure essay that he gained recognition as an enlightenment
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