Jean Laffite Conspiracy

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Jean Laffite was an American patriot, a famous pirate, and, a traitor to all.Laffite has spied for Britain, Spain, and America. Jean betrayed all but America. He was one of the best spies the united states had had at the time. He could hire other people to do his spying instead of risking his own life, but he did it all by himself. Jean Laffite was most likely born in St. Malo, France; most likely between the years 1780-81. And he died between the years of 1824-25. Jean had run away as a kid to join a ship crew. Jean was among the most notorious of the pirates. But, to america, he is known mostly as an American patriot. He helped fight for texas independence. He supplied our troops with men, and also supplied our troops with weapons. He had…show more content…
Before Jean started helping america, jean laffite was a criminal, a pirate actually. He usually only attacked ships for his men to take its loot, and smuggle it to different countries and sell it on the black market. Although Jean ended up making a victorious comeback from piracy, he eventually went back to being a pirate. Although he was the most important asset in the Texas Revolution, Jean hated the Spanish nation more than anything. He had sworn eternal vengeance on the hate spanish empire. There are quite a few reasons he was helping the United States with the war, but i personally think that this one was Jeans’ main reason. And that reason is basically what helped our cause in the texas revolution. It helped mostly motivating jean, but also along with motivating jean, came motivating thousands against, probably, the most hated nation of that time. Jean helped by smuggling soldiers to ports in enemy territory, he helped get most of the weapons used in the texas revolution, and, also helped by providing most of the soldiers with food and water. Jean had been one of the most major parts in the texas revolution. But, despite that, he ended up returning back to the life of a
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