Jean Laffite's Influence On Jean Sacrifice

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When you talked about Jean Laffite there are many ways people refer to him as a pirate ,privateer, gentleman, King of Barataria,governor of texas,and as a spy. Laffite was born in France in 1780 or 1781 both Laffite and his intelligent brother Pierre were sons of a French father and a Spanish mother .The Laffite family migrated to the island of Hispaniola ,then fled during the turmoil of rebellion, and the brothers may have reached New Orleans by 1804. In 1808 the Laffite brothers open a blacksmith shop and in that year they used their blacksmith shop to cover for their smuggling business. Many people join Laffite crew soon he had an army of smugglers and pirates. The crew helped Laffite smuggle good through the swamps and bayous of Louisiana.…show more content…
Jean Laffite actions were protected because he possessed the letter of marque. Jean Laffite smuggling and slave trade were still illegal even if he had the letter of marque. William C. C. Claiborne was the former governor of Louisiana. Laffite and William didn’t get along at all so in 1813 William Claiborne gave a offer of $500 dollars for the capture of Jean Laffite and later after that Laffite double the offer up to $5,000 dollars to capture the governor and bring him to Barataria know as Laffite

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