Jean Louise Textual Analysis Part 2

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Part I explained, Jean Louise being presented a marriage proposal by Henry Clinton, but she tells him that “I’ll have an affair with you but I won’t marry.”(p. 67) Because she doesn’t want to cheat on him later on in life. Next, Aunt Alexandra comes into play. Alexandra forces herself into Jean’s life by telling her she cannot marry Henry; even though Jean wasn’t planning on it anyways. She believes that henry is a child of red-necked white trash, thus finding out that Jean goes out on a date with Henry. Part II opens up about their date and how Jean is so surprised about him waiting fifteen years to tell her about a marriage. Moreover, this problem made society fall apart all through the 1970s. For this reason, we find out that Atticus sold…show more content…
Then Jean finds a racist pamphlet in her father 's office: The Black Plague that talks about black people. Also, she learns from Alexandra that Atticus and Henry have been attending a County Citizens ' Council, which is basically a meeting for white men to go to and talk about the evils of black people and integration. Jean then gets very sick from the thought of having a racist father and returns home to her bed in Wallow. Part IV, opens up about Jean dreaming about killing herself but Henry saves her, and the Curse o’Eve. Jean finds out that Zeebo is Calpurnia 's grandson, making his boy her great-grandson, Atticus agrees to be his lawyer, if only to stop the NAACP from stepping in; and keeping them from Alabama. Later on, Jean takes a secret trip to Calpurnia only to get even more upset, because Calpurnia is talking to her this way, not using proper English. So Calpurnia just stops talking altogether, so Jean Louise gets up to leave. Part V shows Jean getting fed up with people using foul language about black people and starts speaking how she feels. Then she runs to uncle Jack about the opinions on Atticus and the racist meeting. Thus, she became disappointed because he evades the topic, and talks about something

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