Jean Michel Baasquiat: The Art Of Punk Art

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Jean Michel Basquiat was born in the Brooklyn region in New York, in 1960. He was an American artist. His mother had the descent of Puerto Rican while the father was an immigrant of Haiti. Jean Michel was the second born among the four children of Gerard Basquiat and Matilde Andrades. Due to the combination of languages spoken by his mother and father led to his fluency in English, Spanish, as well as French. The early readings of symbolist poetry in French would bring about a significant influence on the later work of Jean Michel.
Jean Michel Basquiat Artwork
Jean Michel began displaying a talent for art during his early childhood when he learnt how to draw and paint with the encouragement of his mother. They travelled together to attend the exhibitions of New York City museum, which led to his enrolment as a junior member of Brooklyn Museum by the time he reached six years of age. The art of Jean Michel Basquiat had its roots in the graffiti movement of New York City. He met an artist friend in 1972 who they worked together to spray-paint buildings. He played a significant role in the rise of Punk Art, as well as Neo-Expressionism in the art scene of New York. Punk Art encompasses the American alternative art movement, which was developed as an equivalent of urban and bohemian. The artists of Punk drew their inspiration from the Pop art and urban graffiti. On the other hand, Neo-Expressionism entails the art movement in Germany that emerged in the 1960s. The form of art
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