Jean Michel Basquiat Analysis

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Jean Michel Basquiat was one of the first afro american artist who made it in the mainly white man’s art world. For the very fact one would have to pay him the highest credit. But more than that, I think of him as a medium, born to create art after having inhaled inspirations of all sorts. All art forms of the 20th century pass through him without being intellectually processed and though finds a concentration in his work. Like a child who has no notion of what it creates. He once confessed he liked childrens’ paintings more than paintings of real artists. I very much feel the same. It is this intuitive form of creating that is so intriguing and has always fascinated me just as Basquiat. There is no plan, no concept, no intellectual ideology behind it, at…show more content…
Letters, words, symbols as well as cave painting techniques are dominating in his paintings. Whether he wanted to communicate a message or was just „playing“ with the visual effect of the letters became never quite clear. He was also said to show political allusions in some paintings like the initials of Catalan kings or politicians, with which he wanted to point to the suffering of his country. Conceptual art was another development that began in the 1960s and focused on the written word as a form of art. Joseph Kosuth for example wanted that the words and text in his art work would be looked at – not read literally. His paintings “One and Three Chairs“ and “Self –Defined Subject“ are two examples of applying words in art, which also became an integral part of the study of semiology Conceptual art was the connection between art and thinking. Language was a new way of communicating an idea or a concept. John Baldessaris artwork „I will not make any more boring art“ from 1971 shows his idea of putting more meaning in his art with the help of language. Beyond the usual meaning of the words, they can take the form of symbols that transport new
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