George Herbert Meads Theory Of Self Development

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This paper is about sociologist who study socialization. It will be discussed how a child socializes with other members in school in grade school. It will discuss how a child socializes going through different years of their life how they mature. The events in my life will be spoken about which detail real life examples that have happened to me. This paper will explain what milestones I have had in my life and what I did to keep pushing through. Traditions will be spoken about how society can become a better place if followed. There will be sociologist discussed and their different personal theories on how self-development works. It will be discussed on how the different types of social groups are categorized. This paper will discuss the different…show more content…
This theory is based on the way an individual’s identity is formed through socializing. This theory is also based on how others look at one’s self and what their perception is. This theory is based on more of what individuals think of you compared to what an individual think of themselves. Jean Paget’s theory of self-development is based off maturity and that an individual must interact with others in society (McLeod, 2015). This theory of self-development is a great method because individuals learn new things once they experience the situation. Based on maturity the mind develops more in a child’s brain the older they become. Lawrence Kohlberg self-development theory focuses on preventing wrongful or bad urges and thinking of the methods and characteristics that will benefit themselves and society for the good (Oswalt, 2010). This is a good theory for society because everyone has bad urges but seeing as they are wrong; they should not be followed through…show more content…
Group dynamics are affected by leadership because others follow individuals in society. If the leader of your group is out to do good things in society then this is socially expectable. If the leader of your group is out to commit wrongful acts, then this can disrupt society and make you follow a bad path. The size of a group can determine many things also for society. If you have a group that has many members connected to it who are striving for something, this can be a good or bad in society. For example, gangs are groups who have many individuals that partake in a criminal activity which doesn’t benefit society. Conformity is a practice that every group should follow. Conformity is to conduct good acts in a group that benefits society instead of hurting it. If every group followed the laws and regulation of the United States, the crime rate would decrease. My groups, I socialize with use conformity seeing as we would like to make a change and benefit society and other citizens. We partake in fundraisers and clean building up to help and interact with the other members in the

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