Am I Determined Essay

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Two questions that will change as to how you think about your purpose and at some point have made a clash of brains in your system, “Am I determined?” or “Do I have a choice?” It’s funny how eager we are to grasp the answers to these mind-wrecking questions. In the world we are in, we are the illustrator and author of our own story and we are not chained to our past nor are we controlled by it but, what if? What if I tell you the exact opposite thing? A splash of reality that will knock up your conscious being. A French Philosopher, Jean-Paul Sartre concluded that the highest moral value of man is freedom which says that all values are exposed through our choices and after the actions that we made and in order to focus we have to do a sense of responsibility that says, “No one has no excuses in the world, because one always face a free choice”. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is easy to make choices and responsibility because Sartre says that the recognition of responsibility creates a feeling of nausea. In other words, we are abandoned in a world and we need to take credit for the success and failure of people. He primarily suggests that freedom is factual and determinism is a lie and just an excuse…show more content…
Do we really have this thing called, “free will”? Or are we just dazzled by the fact that we can have it both? Just because we don’t know a thing doesn’t mean things aren’t determined. It just means you don’t know what’s been determined. We tend to be hoodwinked into believing that man has a “free will” or a man is determined but the emphasis is that we should stop comparing these two or put a debate on it. It should be, “Determinism AND Free Will” not “Determinism VS Free Will”. The real deal is that both exist simultaneously and constantly. We can have free will in a deterministic world. This might baffle your mind for a second as to how be it coexistent but I can prove it with my personal relationship
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