Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development

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Cognitive Theory Humans question why things occur the way that they do. Piaget was an individual who pondered these concepts. Jean Piaget developed an orderly theory in which he outlined the cognitive development in children. He developed the cognitive theory which I will apply when assessing a child. In this piece, I will be observing a young boy (KS), and see if his way of processing and integrating information is true to Piaget’s cognitive theory. I will also see if Piaget’s hypotheses coincide with humankind’s inquiries about cognitive development. I will use the boy’s initials when referring to him, and I will test him to see if he matches all the components of Piaget’s concrete operational model. KS is seven years of age, which puts him in the concrete operational category for Piaget’s theory. I began KS’ trials with asking him some logical questions such as what shapes go into what slots; he got some right and some wrong. I had expected him to get them all correct, since Piaget states that children are capable of logical thinking; however, this child I feel will be an exception to any theory out there. As I asked for permission from the parents to interview KS, I noticed that he was still wearing a diaper; this was definitely a sign of a delay, since KS is seven years of age. Though I knew this may have had an impact on what I wrote, most theorists seek to generalize children according to their theories—so I decided to continue interviewing the child, who was
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