Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory

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Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory Introduction: Educators need to understand the process of cognitive development in children, so they can plan, execute and evaluate learning experience successfully. Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Development Theory provides an insight of how the children’s learning and development occur therefore educators can grasp their educational pedagogy. The aim of the discussion is to convey how Piaget 's Cognitive Development Theory can be used as a guideline for educators to provide an appropriate learning experience for children and their cognitive development. Firstly, the key concepts of Piaget’s theory will be introduced. This is then followed by the connections between the key concepts and the cognitive development of children which will an educator’s developing pedagogy. Finally, an outline of the strengths and outlines of Piaget 's theory. The significant Piaget’s key concepts to understand children’s learning and development: Jean Piaget formulated a model which determined a way of how a human’s mind gathers and organises information. Bormanaki and Khoshhal (2017 pg997) state "according to Piaget 's research; human beings have two basic tendencies of thinking." The first tendency is an organisation which is “ongoing process of arranging information and experience into mental systems or categories” (Woolfolk, Margetts 2016 pg81). Furthermore, in Simatwa’s research paper (2010 pg366) mentions that organisation “integrate processes into
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