Jean Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory

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The first scenario to be discussed involved a fourteen year-old female. A high school freshman that is obviously concerned about her academic progress, she (and presumably her parents) have noticed that she performs better academically in courses where she has face-to-face instruction rather than in the classes which only convene online. The question is: how would Jean Piaget and B. F. Skinner explain the academic discrepancies between the two different academic presentations? Jean Piaget was a Twentieth century Swiss psychologist and was the first psychologist to systematically study the cognitive development of children. Thomas (2005) wrote that early in Piaget’s career he worked with children and his observations and interactions with the students led him to the theory that a young person 's cognitive processes are inherently different from those of adults (pp. 188-9). According to Ahmad, Ch, Batool, Sittar, and Malik (2016), Piaget showed that when compared to adults, young children think in differently and he then came to the conclusion that cognitive development was an ongoing process which occurred due to maturation and interaction with the environment (p. 72). Piaget theorized that each child was born with a basic mental structure that would serve as the foundation upon which all future learning and knowledge would be constructed. He developed his Cognitive Development Theory to explain the process by which the infant would eventually develop into an individual
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