Piaget's Four Stages Of Cognitive Development

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Piaget’s four stages of Cognitive Development is a theory that maps out the stages of cognitive development that takes place from the moment of birth all the way adulthood. Each developmental stage consists of new milestone in thought, judgement, and knowledge, and each stages were created by a psychologist and a developmental biologist Jean Piaget. Piaget’s four stages takes place in different age of a child, it start with the sensorimotor stage that takes place from birth all the way through the age of two. Then you have preoperational stage and that takes place from the age of two years all the way through the of seven years old. Next is the concrete operational stage which takes place from seven year all the way through twelve years old.…show more content…
This stage of development takes place at the age of two through seven years old. The name of the stage, describes the mental state of the children in this stage. The toddler mental capacity is preoperational, meaning that the toddler is not fully operational yet, for instance they can not use logic or transform, combine, or seperate ideas. The key characteristics of this stage is Centration, Egocentrism, Pretend play, and Animism. Centration means the ability of focusing at one situation at a time. This concept usually appears in a social situation, in addition children in this stage experience difficulties when attempting to think about more than one aspect of their situation. Children in this stage are really typically egocentric, they have trouble putting themselves in other people situation. Most child in this stage have experienced Pretend play, there children pretends to be something they are not such as Doctors, Policemen, or Superheros. Pretend play contributes to the decline of egocentrism, since they enjoy other children to participate in their pretend play. Lastly Animism make a major appearance in the preoperational stage, for instance children will create a person out a inanimate like a stuffed animals. As the the child grows around the age nine or so, they begin to acknowledge that only plants and animals are alive. The main purpose of this stage of development is for the child to gain experience of the world through adaptation and children gain the ability to engage in Pretend play and get the ability to mentally represent events and objects through

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