Jean Piaget's Stages Of Child Psychology

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On August 9, 1896, in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, One of the most famous psychiatrist in the world was born, Jean Piaget! At the beginning of his life, he was interested in biology but then he turned his attention to studying the evolution of thought in children, which led him to study psychology. “Over the course of his career in child psychology, he identified four stages of mental development, called “schema.” He also developed new fields of scientific study, including cognitive theory and developmental psychology. He died on September 16, 1980, in Geneva, Switzerland.” (Editors, 2015)

The Stages of development and cognitive stages
“Piaget believed that children are like "little scientists" and that they actively try to explore and make sense
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Children begin a period of trial and error experimentation during the fifth sub stage.

6 - Mental representation (8months-24moths): Children begin to identify the world through the mental processes.

The preoperational stage: begins from (2 to7years), this stage focus on self, the child starts to talk but an inability to conservation and don't understand that other people have different points of you and imagine things. There is two sub stages during this period:
1- Preoperational phase (2-4years): children form a mental image of what they see around them.

2- Intuitive phase (4-7 years): children are sometimes able to grasp a problem solution by how the fell about it .

The concrete operational stage: begins from (7 to11years). at this stage the abilities develop, such as the ability to think and classification and learn the idea of conservation .

The formal operational stage: begins from (11 and above), in this stage the child become an adult and have the ability to moral reasoning and “use abstract reasoning, and imagine the outcome of particular action “ (McLeod,
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Then I will pour the water from one of the short glasses into the tall glass and ask them again which glass have more amount of water?
I choose my two beautiful nieces for my experiment. Alya 8 years old and ghaya 3 years old. I think that alya will answer my questions correctly because she is the older, but ghaya will only answer the first question correctly because she is too young to understand the experiment trick .
When I showed Alia (8years) the two similar glasses, she kept looking up and down then she said that they has the same amount of water because the 2 glasses look exactly the same, about the tall and the short glasses, she was confused little pit when I asked her and she kept staring at the tall glass then she said the tall glass has more water, I think she said that because the water in the tall glass looked higher than the other

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