Jean-Pierre Jeunet: The City Of Lost Children

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French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet was born into the world in France’s Liore region on September 3, 1953. Beginning in early childhood, Jeunet had a very intense imagination that later brought him major success from the beginning of his film career to now. As early as eight years old, Jeunet began experimentation in filmmaking when he rented out a small theater for a short story he wrote. Around the age of 17, he began to extensively watch movies and TV to analyze details of film language. He especially enjoyed picking apart American films, which he believed were a bit too tacky for his taste.
Jeunet is well known for his unique style of writing and directing, which can be described as a surreal masterpiece with a quirky accent. This is one of the many reasons why I think he is an amazing director. In a lot of his films, it
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This feature film’s success then made a dream of Caro and Jeunet’s next feature become a reality after about 10 years of extensive planning. The City of Lost Children was made in 1995, which featured many clones of Dominique Pinon’s character earned a nomination for best foreign film.
Jeunet gained several critics’ attention for his next big chance at directing. He briefly left France to try his luck on the 1997 Hollywood movie Alien: Resurrection. This did not please many fans or critics, as it received mostly mixed reviews. Jeunet decided he truly enjoyed having as much creative freedom as possible, rather than just another episode of Alien.
A huge decision was made by Jeunet to move back to France instead of becoming a major Hollywood director, which was a possibility even from the results of reviews on Alien: Resurrection. In 2001 was when his most worldwide famous movie was created; Amelie. Amelie very quickly broke box office records at the time
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