Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea

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Crash Of Race, Gender and Identity Of Antionette In Jean Rhys's Wide Sargassso Sea.

Caribbean literature is the term that is usually established for the literature of the various territories of the Caribbean region. It is the literature in English mainly from the former British west indies may be referred to as Anglo-Caribbean or in the chronological contexts West Indian literature. Almost all the territories got their independence in the 1960s except for a few as they have colonial ties with the United Kingdom. The issues of race, gender and identity are social as well as literary . All the aspects of identity issues, gender and race always goes along with feminism. These issues have informed modern social
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She closely determines the psychological and emotional alienation in the lives of the black and white women. This novel serves as a model and a guide for investigating the zigzag oppressions and intersections of race, gender, and class which are visible intermeshing forces that result in and depend on the colonial vision of alienation and others Ella Gwendolyn Rees Williams, popularly called Jean Rhys was born on 24th august 1890. She was a mid 20th century author . She grew up in the Caribbean islands of Dominica. Rhys was well known for her novel Wide Sargasso Sea, for which she drew inspiration from Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. She attended the Perse School For Girls in Cambridge . Rhys started her writing career in1927and her first novel was the Voyage In The Dark. Some of her other novels were Quartet in1928, After Leaving Mr.Mackenzie in 1931,Good Morning, Midnight, novel, 1939, Wide Sargasso Sea, novel, 1966 ,Tigers Are Better-Looking: With a Selection from 'The Left Bank' stories in 1968, Smile, Please:An Unfinished Autobiography was posthumously after her…show more content…
Jean Rhys's limitations do not have the look of being self imposed for an aesthetic aim. They have the look of being the effects of an obsession. She has one character and one subject that is the troubles of her heroine in a pitiless world of selfish men and respectable women. The Left Bank And Other Stories consists of impressionistic fragments and pictures Bohemian life in Paris during the 1920s, introducing the distinct style, themes, and victimized female protagonists of her following fiction. Quartet is a novel that was set during the mid1920s. The original title was called Postures . The novel is set in Paris and revolves around the protagonist Marya Zelli, a former chorus girl who is helpless and alone after her reckless husband, Stephen who is jailed. She is befriended by H.J. and Louis Heidler a middle aged couple. Soon Marya becomes intertwined in a controlling love triangle that reveals the greedy nature of her male host and the self- serving obedience of his
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