Famous French Philosopher: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Jean-jacques Rousseau was a famous french philospher, writer and composer from the 18th centery. His philoshofical views and ideas where recongised by many different people from all around the world. Jeans most famous views,quotes and books where mainly on the french revoulution, the overall devolopment of modern politics and education.one of rousseaus most famouse quotes was “what wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness” this quote along with many others inspired many people to do good instead of bad and for this is jean rousseau was thought to be one of the most famous philosophers to have ever lived. jean-jacues rousseau was born on june 28th,1712 in geneva switzerland.life during this time was very different from today because you would only get 13 years of education until u where sent of to work,however some…show more content…
another big part of jeans book the social contract was that humans are all born good but are corrupted by society this is why jean thought that all people must enter a “social contract” that requires people to recognize a collective good will,which represents the common good or public intrest.another famous book that jean made was a book called the discorse on the arts and sciences, this book was a response to an essay contest that was about had resent advances in the arts and sciences contributed to what was called the purifacation of morals. jean then had an apifomi,it struck him that civerlition and progress had not infact improved people instead they had a terrible influence on the morality of human beings who had once been good.rosseau then went on to win the essay contest and his book became a best seller.although most people did not agree with rosseaus ideas as he produced more books and more evidence to back up his ideas people began to relise what he was talking about and what he meant in his books and
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