Jean Valjean And Javert Analysis

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When one reads Les Miserables it may be assumed that Jean Valjean and Javert are opposites, but upon closer consideration, their similarities are more numerous than a first glance lets on. To begin, they are both men and will therefore both struggle with things of men, which gives immediate grounds for comparison. A ground for contrast is also present, for every man struggles with different matters.

Jean Valjean and Javert are most similar in the way that both want to, and do, good - or at least what they envision as good. Jean Valjean aids the helpless, his enemies, his friends and gives to the poor. He acts as a guardian angel to many people, though because of his history occasionally has an urge to do wrong as he struggles between good and evil thoughts. Javert, on the other hand, condemns countless people, doing so in cold blood. He does not realize that his actions are wrong, but rather believes he is doing the country/town a service by condemning “criminals” and sending them to prison. While Javert’s position and beliefs are understandable, 5 years for a loaf is a little over the top.
Another thing Javert and Valjean have in common is their conflicts in life. Both men struggle with man vs. self at one point in the story, and both struggle with man vs. man. Valjean struggles to escape the authorities and he also struggles with the Therardier 's wishes to harm him and steal from him. Javert 's conflict with man is found when his position requires him to face and

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