Jean Watson's Nursing Theory

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In the following paragraphs, the grand theory of Jean Watson will be explored for its usefulness in practice. We will explore how the theory is congruent with current nursing standards and nursing interventions. Next, we will study if her theory has been tested empirically, if it is supported by research and if it is accurate. We will explore if there is evidence that her theory has been used by nursing educators, researchers, and nursing administrators. Then we will study how her theory is relevant socially and cross-culturally. Finally, we will explore if her theory contributes to the discipline of nursing and a summary will be presented of this review. Current Nursing Standards Jean Watson’s Caring theory is consistent with present nursing…show more content…
In the past decade or so, increasing numbers of hospitals and academic programs in the United States and other parts of the world, have begun to use Watson’s Theory of Human Caring in very specific ways. Watson’s theory can serve as a guide to changing nursing practice. It can change the culture of hospital nursing and academic nursing (Watson, 2009). Watson’s caring theory can be incorporated into many current nursing interventions. Some of them would include active listening, preventing falls, preventing illness, controlling pain, promoting self-care, and restoring health. Watson’s caring theory promotes health through caring, love, and looking at the patient as a whole person (Sitzman,…show more content…
Watson theory of human caring can be used by any vocation in any location. It surpasses cultural and global dissimilarities. It can be used in any setting from the emergency department to long-term nursing care settings. Watson’s theory is relevant to social and cross-cultural areas because caring is shared nonverbally in a language that exceeds cultural diversities. Watson notes that caring does not necessitate verbal exchange (Rexroth & Davidhizar, 2003). Contribution Watson’s theory contributes to the discipline of nursing by using the value of human caring theory as an introductory idea and viewpoint for any health professional. Watson’s theory concentrates on caring in several health disciplines and is compatible with the caring attitude that nursing has had over time. The center of the human caring theory is about human caring relationships and the intense human understandings of life itself, not just health-illness singularities, as conventionally demarcated inside medicine. The concept is an exceptional way of being human, a unique way of being contemporary, observant, mindful, and calculated as the nurse operates with another person. These viewpoints have importance for medicine as well as for nursing or other health professions. The complete practice of human caring theory is most fully realized in a nursing theory because nursing allows for the constant caring factor that medicine does not have;
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