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Straight from the get-go the movie was able to captivate my attention by submerging me into the life of Jeanette Walls and her unordinary family. The lineup of actors who portrayed these characters did a superb job because of the way they were able to interact with each other and their surroundings, also the background characters were also a reason as to why this film was enjoyable. Even if there are some differences between the movie and the book, the overall messages are not lost through director Destin Cretton’s adaptation of the memoir. In the past, I have been someone who more than likely would always prefer the book over the movie due to the fact that books always gave more detail to character’s motives and descriptions of scenes. Also…show more content…
Originally they were swimming in a hot spring, but in the movie they made so they were swimming in a pool in the morning with black people because at that time minorities were only allowed in the pool during early hours. While this scene happened very differently in the book, I thought it was better the way the movie did it because the reactions of the people around made what Rex was doing seem even worse, I felt as if more emotion was added into the story. Also it helped show Rex’s true self more, we were able to see the drunk ruthless side of him early on in the story. When the family arrived to Welch they did it completely different from the book because it only took them a few days, but in the story Jeanette states “It took us a month to cross the country” (130) this was due to the fact that their car, the Oldsmobile, was run down and on its last legs. In the film the car was fully operational. Later on that same day Erma, Rex’s mother, said “Nice of you to let me see my grandchildren before I die,” (130) this is her iconic quote that allows both readers and viewers to instantly understand the relationship between Erma and Mom. The one thing I did feel like the movie missed was the tone of a certain section of scene four, as stated in the article, “The Trouble with

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