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Jeanette Walls is a successful writer; she has written many books including The Glass Castle. Currently, she resides in Virginia. However, before she became such an accomplished woman, she and her family had a journey like no other. Throughout her life, Jeanette was raised to live independently and take care of herself. She was quite adventurous, since she always playing games in the woods with her siblings and getting messy. One day, at three years old, she was cooking hot dogs in her family’s trailer house in Southern Arizona. Her mother was too busy painting and her father was at work, so it was up to her to feed herself. While cooking, she hadn’t even realized that her dress was on fire. It was only moments after when she felt it on her skin and began screaming. Jeanette’s mother extinguished the fire and asked the neighbors for a ride to the hospital, since her father had taken the car to work. Luckily, the doctors healed her terrible burns with many skin grafts. Such events were common for the Walls’. Several accidents had occurred to Jeanette’s siblings with resulted with them needing hospital care. Thus, the hospital raised several questions about why their record was so long. Escaping the hospital’s questions, care, and bill, Mr. Walls removes his daughter from the hospital; he does this without a clearance and without…show more content…
Throughout each of these moves, siblings Lori, Brian and Jeanette were home-schooled and told to neglect close relationships with other children, since they would move shortly after meeting them. The money Rex gained from gambling was enough, but soon it was all used up. He was an alcoholic and spent most of his money buying booze to get absolutely drunk. This wonderful dad that Jeanette looked up to so much could turn into an angry, drunk monster in just a minute. It was a confusing situation for
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