Jeanne Laskas's Concussion

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The book Concussion focuses on the dangers of concussions in football and exposes the NFL to its audience for neglecting what concussions were doing to their players. In the book Concussion the author Jeanne Marie Laskas uses Logos and Analogy to persuade NFL players, families, and fans that the NFL should be discredited for endangering NFL players and to spread awareness about the dangers of Football. In the Book Concussion Jeanne Laskas uses statistics in the book to spread awareness about the dangers of football. “ The G-Force for a football being knocked out is about 60-90 G’s to compare a fighter pilot will pass out at 5 or 6 G’s but that’s over a long period of time” (Laskas 164) This shows over a period of time the number of hits will add up and causes problems in the head, and that it’s possibly more dangerous being an NFL player than being a…show more content…
“That would be like the American Association saying hey, if it’s not our sponsored research, we don’t acknowledge or comment on it only we can figure out heart disease” (Laskas 165). This showed that the NFL was being biased and that they were hiding some data thinking no one would uncover their secrets “Or it would be like the tobacco industry in the 1980’s denying that cigarettes caused cancer despite mounting evidence that they did” (Laskas 165). This is an example of what the NFL did in attempt to cover up the secret .By using Analogy Jeanne Laskas showed the audience how dirty and sneaky the NFL is. In the book Concussion by Jeanna Laskas the author used a variety of different techniques to persuade the audience on what the NFL has been hiding. She achieved the goals by using Logos, Analogy, and Pathos. When the authors used techniques she was able to enlighten the audience and spread awareness and also the dangers of Football and to discredit the NFL for endangering their

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