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Throughout her childhood, Jeannette Walls suffers many disturbing events. From being pulled out of the hospital by her dad to being touched inappropriately by a stranger, Walls takes on a lot at a fairly young age. Along with her forager lifestyle, her parents were also negligent and abusive. Because of Walls’ terrible upbringing, it might be anticipated that her future life would be just as terrible. However, it would be absurd to believe that one is the product of their upbringing. It is, in fact, most definitely possible to have a successful life after going through a rough childhood. Phillip Bartlett states, “I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant; it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.”…show more content…
When Jeannette was in her junior year she talked to her guidance counselor about going to school in New York alongside her sister Lori. Her guidance counselor tried to convince her to stay in Welch by stating "That would be a terrible mistake. You live here. Think of what you'd miss. Your family and friends. And senior year is the highlight of your entire high school experience. You'd miss Senior Day. You'd miss the senior prom." (pg 150). Although her guidance counselor had a valid point about tuition costs and missing milestones in a student's life, Jeannette could not let herself be a part of this underprivileged world. She knew that Welch could not help advance her education like New York could. She states “Dad,” I said, “as soon as I finish classes, I'm getting on the next bus out of here. If the buses stop running, I'll hitchhike. I'll walk if I have to. Go ahead and build the Glass Castle, but don't do it for me.” (pg 152) Soon after that it was time for Jeannette to make her departure from Welch to New York to attend Barnard College. After attending Barnard and graduating, Walls became a successful
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