Jeannette Walls Thesis

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In the memoir “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls, she, and her siblings live in extreme poverty because of their unfit parents, Rose Mary and Rex, who struggle or lack interest in getting a job. Rose Mary and Rex are unfit to raise four kids because they are both immature and lazy with regard to their parenting. An act of immaturity Rose Mary and Rex shows is when they refuse to receive any forms of federal aid or grants, “Although we were the poorest family on Little Hobart Street, Mom and Dad never applied for welfare or food stamps, and they always refused charity. When teachers gave us bags of clothes from church drives, Mom made us take them back. ‘We can take care of our own,’ Mom and Dad liked to say. ‘We don't accept handouts from anyone" (Walls 100). Mr. and Mrs. Walls are immature because they do not want and help no matter the form, but the help would make it possible for them to eat and not starve. They also think they are high class by saying we do not accept handouts but they are the farthest away from being first class. If the Walls children were to be given to foster care their…show more content…
We see Jeannette not wanting to go to a foster home while talking to the child welfare man, “No one's neglecting us,’ I said. ‘You sure?’ ‘I'm sure, mister" (Walls 122). Jeannette says no one is neglecting them but their parents are due to their insufficient job and financial funds. Jeannette responds this way because she does not want to go to a foster home, she wants to be with her family. In the memoir “The Glass Castle” Jeannette Walls and her siblings live in poverty and have no necessities or luxuries and they are in threat of going to a foster house. The Walls children do not want to go to a foster house, because they want to grow up with their parents and they are contempt with how things
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