Jeannie Savaria

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In this Jeannine Savaria case, we can observe a company that is focusing on computerized special effects. The vice president of Magic Eye, Paul Reed hired new employees who are young and have expertise in similar backgrounds as him; nevertheless, Magic Eye, Inc contains essentially computer programmers, who, if they don’t work with their skills and motivation precisely, the company’s performance will never improve. However, Reed still wasn’t satisfied with his new colleagues, so he finally made a decision to hire a new employee, Jeannie Savaria. Even though she had recently graduated from her collage, she was still a programmer, which can show exceptional techniques and abilities by holding adequate knowledge in order to conceptualizing her…show more content…
(“Vroom expectancy motivation theory,” n.d.) Since Jeannie possesses a technological ability and skill for managing computer software, she is supposed to believe in herself that she knows how to work in the company and do her job well. Valence is the significance that the one puts upon the anticipated outcome (“Vroom expectancy motivation theory,” n.d.). In order to get the positive valance, one has to prefer obtaining the result to not attaining it. Due to the fact that she had great experience and knowledge of her work, she never felt the need to ask for help or how she could improve or what she could do for her situation. Moreover, because of her type of personality, which exemplifies perfectionism, encourages her to keep striving for exceptional work. Although a manger promises that the company will give the employees what they desire, the employee still wonders and still thinks about what they might get as a result of improving the quality of their work. This is perception of perceived rewards is called instrumentality (“Decision Support Tools”, n.d,). Because of Reed’s micromanagement of Jeannie’s work, he probably had an unsatisfied opinion towards her accomplishments. Therefore, due to the fact that Reed didn’t have cooperative attitude towards

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