Jeante's Heart Short Story

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Taking a stand for what you believe in, is the theme of both the stories “Celeste’s Heart” by Aida Bortnik and “Principals and Principles” by Daniel Handler. “Celeste’s Heart” is a story about a girl that lives in Argentina and goes to a school every morning to then have to stand in the backyard of the school back to back with their arms raised in the air for an hour or maybe two hours if they were extra bad. “Principals and Principles” is a story about a boy in seventh grade who lives in San Francisco, and how his school makes their students wear sweaters to school every day even if they have been having in a three-day heat wave phenomena. Both protagonists are facing situations that they don’t agree with.The Themes in both the stories show that both the protagonists are not afraid to fight for what they believe in and aren 't afraid of breaking a few rules on the road to success.
In the story “Celeste 's Heart” is a story of a young girl that goes to a school in Argentina that has very harsh conditions and feels that it should be changed before her little brother goes there. Her brother has not gone to school yet because he is too young to go. she writes,“That evening when she was putting her younger brother to bed, he asked once again: “When am I going to go to school?” But that evening she didn 't laugh, and she didn 't think up an answer…She suddenly imagined him in the middle of the schoolyard, with his arms stretched…The body tense, feeling cold and angry and afraid,
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