Jeb And Josh Arcadia Sports Business Case Study

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Jeb and Josh Arcadia Sports business seemed like a good idea until Jane a customer of Josh's white river rafting suffers a concussion while damaging her spine and Jeb's wind farm shut down due to government regulations. Seemingly, in such instances, friends should not go into business with one another. That is because two friends beginning a business surpasses the sole proprietorship with one owner or a married couple to a general partnership with two or more individuals that share equal profits, debt, and liability of the terms of the contract (Kubasek, Brown, Dhooge, Herron & Barkacs, 2017). The drawbacks to the general partnership compared to the sole proprietorship are that one business owner could lose monies and reputation due to the failure of performance from the other business owner.…show more content…
In turn, Travelers neglected to maintain finances, and Weill fired Dimon as a result of such competition (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2012). Therefore, the Traveler's suffered a business loss with the outcome of Weill's firing of Dimon. Although, there are positive advantages to a general partnership like the buy and sell relationship which benefits the purchasing of stocks and purchasing methods for the business (Peterson & White, 2000). In other words, the value of stocks according to the business shares costs between partners when beginning a business. Despite the benefits of general partnership Jeb and Josh would have benefited with either a limited partnership or tenets in common, so both could share in the profits but have limits in liability to one another's

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