Jeb Bush Argumentative Essay

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On june 15, 2015 Jeb Bush announced that he would be running for president at Dade college in Miami Florida. Jeb Bush a former two-term governor of the state of Florida, as well as son and brother of former presidents. From Bush’s remarks he claims that the government “...offered a progressive agenda that includes everything but progress.” he states that we have gotten into more debt, we have increased the taxes of the middle class, and that there is drawdowns in military. He states that when he released this he noticed that we need change, the question that came to his mind was “what am I going to do about it” and he decided shortly after that he was going to run for president of the United States. Jeb Bush (John Ellis Bush) was born on…show more content…
Jeb Bush looks at it as “Yes, they broke the law, but it’s not a felony; it’s an act of love,” he said. “It’s a different kind of crime. There should be a price paid. It shouldn’t rile people up that people are actually coming to provide for their families.” But he also believes that the government should create better ways to keep immigrants out and have a system of patrolling our country. another issue Jeb Bush has to face is civil rights, Abortion is a problem that he tackles with in his political career as well as the LGBT community. He believes in pro-life meaning that the government should ban all abortions up to 20 weeks, while making exceptions for the life of the mother, incest, or rape. an issue that Bush encountered was the terri schiavo case, this case was about how a husband wanted to take his wife off of life support by taking her feeding tube out but the parents didn’t so they took him to court. During this time Bush was on the side of the parents saying to keep his wife alive, the parents were supported by a band of anti-abortion activists. Republican state reps. passed “terri’s law” giving Bush authority to intervene in the case, he reinserted the feeding tube to
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