Jed Cunningham Short Story

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Jed Cunningham was the type, that was unlikely to bother posting his name on the Friends United website. Jed was the type of guy, who hated to look back. His motto was that you lived for the day. “He was seizing the day long before the film Dead Poets Society was made, and the last thing he would ever be interested in doing was attending a school reunion, because even he had been at school he had never seemed a part of it”. He was accused of disrespect for the teacher’s authority back in the days, but the truth was that they feared him. They feared his bright intelligence and his lack of ability to fit into the common flock. He used to stand outside the flock, he was the coolest with fashion everyone else followed. Back in the days he was…show more content…
He made her laugh and triggered something, that she had never expected, it was a kind of wildness and disrespect. He wrote wonderful letters to her, which were unexpected, witty and dangerous. The narrator wanted to marry Jed one day. “They complemented each other. They were two sides of the same coin”. They lived their two-year long relationship in their own bubble, which was filled with secret codes, messages and looks, which no one else could understand. When they broke up, there were both tears, anger and things being thrown. Jed drove away, and the narrator told him, that she never wanted to see or speak to him again. Jed kept his end of the bargain, he disappeared from her life, he left no trace of himself, as he had never been there except in her heart. The themes are past lovers, it is also a kind of karma that hits Jed in the end. The poetic justice in this text appears, because the narrator is not striving for a life that she is aware, she will never have. Jed leaves her and his family behind, meanwhile she chooses to stay and fulfil the expectations of her. When she deletes his message, she completely removes him, this makes Jed feel the poetic justice. The narrator feels poetic justice as well, as she accepts, who she has become, and the life she
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