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Jedediah S. Smith Obituary Maycee Stringham 5th Period Jedediah S. Smith was born June 24, 1798 in New York. He was one of the greatest trappers and explorers. He became one of the “Ashley Men” in 1822. Jedediah was a skinny man with brown hair and blue eyes. He was the fourth oldest of 12 kids. He was the first American to travel overland to California. Jedediah wanted to explore Oregon but couldn’t because the Mexican governor wouldn’t let him. Jedediah was once attacked by a grizzly bear. One of his ears was almost ripped off, so after that he wore long hair. He led a group of trappers around the Great Salt Lake. They wanted to get all the beaver furs they could. He helped build a camp called Ft. Henry. In 1827, he went to a Mountain

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