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From single-legs and double-legs to showing ankle picks, those are some of the things that Jeff Voss has taught in his career as a wrestling coach at West Delaware which makes him a hero. His commitment to being a wrestling coach has developed a massive amount of talent to develop the knowledge of high school wrestlers. As a Coach, Voss has proven to show how he takes responsibility for his wrestlers on and off the mat all year round. His devotion to coaching has truly made him a hero. Growing up as a little boy in Coralville, Iowa, Jeff Voss had no idea what he would be capable of doing for his wrestling career. Jeff lived on a family owned farm his entire childhood. He went to high school in West High, Iowa, and competed in a number of sports; however, wrestling was the activity that Voss loved the most and had the most success. After high school Voss attended Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. He competed with the traveling wrestling team his entire career as a Wartburg Knight. Voss majored in teaching and worked for his teaching degree, Voss said, “That 's what I really wanted to do for my job” (Voss). After graduating he found his first job at Monticello High School.…show more content…
Jeff Voss has been teaching health since he arrived to West Delaware. He taught science at Monticello for a year before he moved. It’s not easy being a teacher; for example, “you have to get a teachers degree to be able to teach any subject” (Voss). Also, it’s not only difficult being a teacher it’s hard being a parent as well. Jeff Voss has four children. One out of college, one attending at Coe College, one in high school and one in middle school. However, Voss’s sons are following in his wrestling footsteps. One is wrestling on the Coe College traveling team, and one is wrestling at tournaments on saturdays and sundays. His coaching on the mat for years has reflected on the people around him that he loves the
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