Jeffco Recall Analysis

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Coming upon my junior year of high school, educational decisions by the Jefferson County School board was slowly coming to an issue throughout the whole district. Many parents, students, and community supporters were frowning upon a particular group of people within the board that had put teachers and students at a disadvantage in education. They were re-evaluating teachers and their income for their own benefit. Teachers would be subsequently be sacrificing a chunk of their income and their work they put into the school, so that the board members and even the superintendent would have an extra raise in their salary. Along that, they were putting pressure on school administration to be tougher on students and that also inevitably made their…show more content…
These were just extra obstacles that were put in my way for reason to benefit at all, considering I was told that junior year was already the hardest year for any high schooler anyway. I was furious yet frightened to see the thing that I value and work for, to be turned against me and everyone else. Across many schools within Jeffco, students all together performed a walk out during school to protest this issue to point. But this walk out was only the beginning of the Jeffco Recall that many teachers, parents, and students supported and carried out throughout the year. And while we did have to compensate for their poor decisionmaking that year, the recall was eventually set forth and finalized at the beginning of my senior year. The school year my senior year has improved for both students and teachers releasing stress that the board had caused for the district. Along that, a new administration was set forth because of the sacrifices that our teachers have made to improve the quality of education for Arvada High School. But I felt that this incident had a point to show that people should pay more attention to their community and not stray ignorant of the things happening around them. I knew that that was the cause the led this situation with the board
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