Jefferson Hospital Case Summary

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What should the committee do?
I work at Jefferson Hospital and I handle all the billing for the entire transplant that is performed at Jefferson Hospital. A heart transplant is a surgical procedure performed to remove the diseased heart from a patient and replace it with a healthy one from an organ donor. From my understanding before a person can be put on a waiting list for a heart transplant, a doctor makes the determination that this is the best treatment option available for the person 's heart failure. So the committee needs to speak with the patient’s doctor to determine what patient needs the heart the most.
How would you vote if you were on the committee?
The right thing to do is listen to each patient doctor plea their case as to why they feel their patient needs the heart. Since I cannot hear from Mr. X’ and Ms. Y doctor. After reading the case study Mr. X is still smoking and he is overweight. If they were to grant Mr. X’s the heart he will be right back on the list which is why I will give the heart to Ms. Just because your name is listed on the list to receive a heart, does not mean you need the heart A.S.A.P which Mr. X has showed that
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Three? Why or Why not?
In some cases I think a second operation is needed for heart transplant, because the patient’s body might reject the heart. They will have to remove that heart and put the patient back on the waiting list. On the other hand ,if you get a heart and you are still smoking and eating all the stuff you are not suppose to eat, no I do not think you should have a second chance, save that heart for someone who really might need it. Although heart transplant surgery is a life-saving measure, it has many risks. Careful monitoring, treatment, and regular medical care can prevent or help manage some of these risks.
The risks of having a heart transplant
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