Jefferson Vs Hamilton Essay

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Introduction The forming of an advanced banking system in America was very important because it kept order and gave worth to American money, which is illustrated in the way the nation modernized and became more up to date after an advanced banking system was developed. In the early 1780s, there were no national banks that were part of a banking system. At the same time, Alexander Hamilton was beginning to become one of the most impactful founding fathers of the United States. Being the ambitious man he was, he wrote to the country’s Superintendent of Finance, Robert Morris, stressing the importance of a national bank. According to The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, Hamilton wrote, “Most commercial nations have found it necessary…show more content…
Once again, Washington had entrusted Hamilton with the responsibility of becoming his Secretary of Treasury. Also part of his cabinet was Thomas Jefferson as Secretary of State and Henry Knox as head of the War Department. As Attorney General, he had Edmund Randolph.. Jefferson and Hamilton often disagreed on many matters. It did not usually help matters when Washington would usually favor Hamilton. This ultimately came down to the two vastly different political parties at the time: the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans, or Republicans. The Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans There were two groups during this time. “One group, led by Secretary There was a vast difference between the two political groups; they had very different beliefs. The term “Federalist” was first used when the United States Constitution was being formed, because they supported the Constitution and wanted a strong central government. As time progressed, they became one of the two first political parties of the nation. The Federalists and Republicans were polar opposites and despised what the other party or “faction” believed in. Different
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