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Throughout history innocent people have died by the hands of relentless killers. “Crazy People” who deliberately harm others in the most unspeakable of ways, and do not feel the slightest bit of remorse. When exploring these disturbing actions, we often wonder how someone could possibly possess the mental capabilities to carry out such heinous crimes. This paper will explore the connection between the mental and physical aspects that make up Psychopaths and sociopaths. It will also clear up superstitions about the disorder, and provide safe alternative treatment options for people, before it’s too late.
To better understand the motive behind serial killers actions, one must understand the individual’s condition. All serial killers share a very
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Dahmer is considered one of the most infamous psychopaths of the twentieth century, and he openly exhibits traits that point to ASPD. Dahmer in his adolescence was a quiet unsocial child. His ASPD tendencies started in his early teenage years when he began torturing and dismembering small animals such as bugs and frogs. Without proper treatment and therapy, Dahmer’s condition began to spiral out of control. He was involved in the rape, mutilation and murder of seventeen men in his adult life (Jentzen, 1994) as disturbing as the actions themselves where, it’s the psychology behind them that connects them with ASPD. As an adult he maintained more than three of the diagnostic criteria to classify him as an ASPD, but it wasn’t until after incarceration that mental health professionals learned of his sever level of psychopathy. After the incidents took place, Dahmer reported that he had engaged in sexual intercourse with the bodies (Jentzen, 1994). This proves that Dahmer had uncontrollable sexual urges that were poorly integrated. As stated under Hervey Clerky’s research. (Gillstrom, B. J.1995). Psychopathic individuals can experience sexual problems and an incapacity to love. Dahmer struggled with this very problem, in result helping to successfully prove research behind Clerkys psychopathy traits (Gillstrom, B. J.1995).The last connection to be made about Dahmer’s condition to support ASPD is his lack of guilt. Dahmers lifestyle of murder, dismemberment and rape, became so frequent that he lost sight of reality. He was able to experience pleasure from the evil actions he was committing, and then dis attach himself from his emotions. Shortly after the body of the victim was consumed. The consequence of these actions could not overpower the sexual urges that Jeffery withheld, consequently forcing him to fade away in his ASPD

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