Jeffery Williams 'The Pedagogy Of Debt'

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Debt is important to the United States In “The pedagogy of Debt” Jeffery Williams discusses the harsh realities college students face after graduation. He talks about how even after 15 years of being out of grad school he still is currently paying back his debts. Not only is he paying back his schooling debts, but also his daughters current tuition. Debt is something we all face if we decide to expand our knowledge after high school by attending college. After reading Williams essay I have came to the conclusion that college is all about money. The education system is set up in a way to continuously make money. College is set up in a ripple affect when it comes to money, college students sign up for a life a debt from the start, and lastly …show more content…

College itself is expensive. The way universities continue to make money is by creating a ripple affect. In Williams essay he states “at 46 and fifteen years out of my grad school I still owe around 9,000….” Williams is one of many people who are facing college debt. When deciding to attend a university you are making a commitment to paying back a certain amount each month for numerous years after you receive your degree. During those years more responsibilities come into your everyday life. Williams stated, “ Now I also owe plus loans for my daughters undergraduate education.” The ripple affect of education is created through making students agree to pay back loans after graduation. However, after graduation everyone starts building their lives and gaining more responsibilities. Responsibilities for some people are children. Children cost money to take care of, but so does their education. College graduates with children who are planning to attend college have to not only pay back their debts but their children’s schooling too. Once those children graduate then it starts the cycle over again. Moral of the story is that college is a ripple affect when it comes to money all because of the timing of debts being

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