Jeffery's Argumentative Essay

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The sun was scorching out heat as it was warming up the city. On the other side the ocean was all admirable dark blue. Waves were shattering surfers. But there was something special in the ocean. In the ocean there were snapper fish racing in a tournament. “It 's the final stretch in the Snappy Snappers League. So far in front was Jeffery and not far behind was Jerry Morentini. Jeffery and Jerry both have their eyes on the checkered flag. It 's the final turn to the finish line. “I can’t believe it, Jeffery has broke the record for winning most races in row as champion”, screaming commentator Michael. So the results are Jeffery 1st, Jerry Morentini 2nd, Bucky Jones 3rd, Will Bartlet 4th, Jojo Squizzle 5th and Scott Sterling 6th. “What a prodigious annihilation, Jeffery wins another trophy and unlucky Scott Sterling has missed out again”, shouts the commentator Kelvin Kumar. “Scott Sterling does need to work on his turning and his time to make the turn”.…show more content…
“That was an inconsiderable race”, says Jeffery talking to himself . All of a sudden a Jeffery’s head gets scooped by huge giant brown net. Sending chilling shiver down Jefferys spine. Kelvin flipped out his commentators seat to go on mission to save Jefferys and and his friends
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